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"Many around us are facing a difficult time right now... Our agency will fund campaigns to bring them hope

Supporting Our Schools

Considine Sharer & Associates is so happy and proud to support the LTHS Booster Association and all the great work they do for the students. Congratulations to Jennifer C, the winner of our Weekend Getaway – $500 Congress Hall Gift Card. We hope you enjoy your trip to Cape May, NJ!! We are ecstatic to announce […]

Lacy TWP Booster

The Sharer

We treat our clients like family. Our mission is to help them realize their dreams by providing the protection and peace of mind to power their journey

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  • You guys have always been honest and fair. You answer all my questions. I appreciate all your advice and the help you have given me on the phone. Thank you so much, keep up the good work.

    Alfred C.

  • "Never had a problem with Allstate been a customer with them for 17 years."

    Amy S.

  • "Never had a problem with Allstate been a customer with them for 17 years."

    Amy S.

  • "Never had a problem with Allstate been a customer with them for 17 years"

    Amy S.

  • “Vinny was very helpful getting everything together and starting my policy.”

    Brianna L.

  • “Any insurance is costly. This company provides good service and the most added items to a policy for a good price. They help you make an informed decision.”

    Diane D.

  • "Bill Madden spent this morning helping me decipher valid policies & eliminate expired ones. He placed phone calls & asked questions I hadn't thought of. I'm so very grateful to Bill for relieving my worries & helping to find solutions."

    Eileen A.

  • “Very easy to speak to an associate, friendly and understanding.””

    Frances T.

  • “Always had great response with help.”

    Frank G.

  • “(Donn) is my insurance man for over 15+ years. We get so many tempting offers every day from competition, but we are still working with him—says it all.”

    Girishkum D.

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