By camila | September 15, 2020

Insurance Tip Tuesday: 3 Quick Life Insurance Myths

Happy Insurance Tip Tuesday! ? In honor of Life Insurance Awareness Month, today’s video features Considine Sharer & Associates’ own Donn Sharer debunking 3 quick life insurance myths.
When considering whether or not you should purchase life insurance, you’ve probably heard people state one of the following three myths:
1. Only people with kids need life insurance ❌
2. Life insurance is unnecessary for older people ❌
3. Life insurance is only necessary for older people ❌
In today’s video, Donn explains why each of those statements is incorrect and gives you some better ways to consider whether or not life insurance is right for you ?
If you haven’t reviewed your insurance in a while, or ever, this Life Insurance Awareness Month is a great time to start! Give us a call at ? 609-971-9725 and we’d be happy to help you out.